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RAmib in the Redland

Welcome to the virtual home of the TOFFs, Tandeming Old Fat Farts, Malcolm and Rosemarie. Malcolm is the proud owner of a road bike, a mountain bike, 2 flat bars, and the front end of three tandems, while Rosemarie owns a road bike, flat bar, a mountain bike and the rear end of three tandems. Most of our cycling escapades are in the Redland City because this is where we live, which is just to the east of Brisbane-the capital of Queensland, Australia. However, you may see us venturing outside of our shire from time-to-time, usually on Trusty our original old faithful the tandem. You will also find us at MTBO events around South East Queensland, on our latest tandem, Tiberius. We would love to hear your thoughts on our cycling misadventures, or your thoughts on any of our narratives on other areas of interest to us. So, please feel free to make comments.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail: Fernvale to Lowood
Cycling: 21.08.11, 02:40:33 by DrBread
Cycling Brisbane Royal Show Day 2011 - Does one subject oneself to a congested environment, abundant with a plethora of airborne micro organisms, micro pollutants, and reconstituted country air? Or does one languor in tranquil surrounds, bestow their lungs ...
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Brisbane Valley Rail Trail: Esk to Toogoolawah
Cycling: 14.08.11, 06:30:29 by DrBread
Cycling 12/8/11 marked our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. So, we decided that our celebrations would comprise a nice gentle meander along the Esk to Toogoolawah part of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT).

As we are not partial to pre-dawn rises for our ...
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Six Things You Might Not Know About Cycling
Cycling: 27.03.06, 22:30:36 by mib
Cycling The follow six points were attached to a Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) news release and I thought they made interesting reading. Point four I found especially interesting as it is yet other example of how believing that using a car makes things safer ...
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Bike Week – Ride 2 Work Day
Cycling: 07.03.06, 20:36:35 by mib
Cycling Today was the annual Ride 2 Work Day, where people get on their bikes and ride to work, as the name implies. It is held as part off the bigger cycling celebration called Bike Week. Rosemarie and I of course used Trusty for the ...
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Morons In Marketing
What Ever: 06.12.05, 19:29:41 by mib
What Ever Morons who send out newsletter e-mails that start with the line "If you cannot view the below email, please click here" really piss me off. Apart from the accessibility issues with the phrase "click here", people who need to ...
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I'm Out of the Trenches
House: 07.11.05, 00:42:09 by mib
House Well, I'm out of my trench. After what feels like an eternity I've finally completed the trench for power to be put on to my shed. The progress became very slow when I hit rock about 150mm from the depth I had to make it. Luckily the rock in the ...
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Eating & Drinking our way from Brissie to the Coast
Cycling: 01.11.05, 00:22:11 by DrBread
Cycling Leading up to the Wilson HTM Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge (Sunday 9th October) I had some reservations about us making the distance. I say this because Malcolm and I hadn't done a century ride this year. In fact, our largest ride was ...
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Book Review: the cyclist's food guide
Cycling: 12.10.05, 20:46:23 by DrBread
Cycling The Cyclist’s Food Guide presents sound nutrition advice, even for the recreational cyclist. In particular, I really appreciated the section on Eating for Cycling where my husband and I followed the guidance given about preparing for the ...
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I'm So Depressed
Movies: 08.06.05, 23:51:04 by mib
Movies The movie version of this classic 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' is boring. Why does the movie industry consider their viewing public are morons? Some say they dumb it down for the American market, but I don't understand why, as Americans ...
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Brissie to the Bay, with a Difference
Cycling: 08.06.05, 16:58:44 by DrBread
Cycling Destined to do the 55km Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride again this year minus the chain dropping antics experienced by Trusty in 2004, Malcolm decided to use the skills he acquired from ...
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